Brighten Up Your Outdoors With A Colorful Garden Arbor

Using an arbor that is colorfully painted will help add personality to a drab or boring area in your yard.

When most people decide to put up a garden arbor, they often put one up that is either a natural wood color or white. These go well with the garden and often, if you wish to use this for growing ivy, the color is covered anyway. Using the garden arbor for an entry-way or separation of areas, the garden arbor sits there, looking drab among the many colors of your garden. Instead of painting or staining your garden arbor in traditional colors, why not brighten up your garden with a colorful garden arbor.

If you have a garden area that is kind of drab, adding a garden arbor painted in a bright color will add some personality to your outdoors. For example, if you have a few purple-colored flowers growing in your garden, accent this color by painting your garden arbor a shade of purple. You could even paint it in shades of both pink and purple to highlight the various shades of flowers. By painting your arbor a color to match some of the flowers in your garden, you’ll be brightening up your space, as well as creating a comforting atmosphere.

Many people use their garden arbor as an entrance to their front lawn from the road. Again, you most often see these in a natural wood or painted white. If you have a yellow house, paint the arbor yellow and you’re sure to notice a difference in the curb appeal of your home. If you have a yellow home with green shutters, paint the arbor green to accent the shutters. If you have a different colored door than the color of your home, match the color of your arbor to the door and you may be surprised by the effect. You can use the color of the arbor to play up other colors in your yard, as well.

Don’t worry about being too traditional with your garden arbor. It can be painted in a wide variety of colors to highlight any color you wish. You can even paint it white and stencil in flowers or whatever design you wish. Many people will make sure that their arbor is covered in bright, colorful flowers and feel that it is enough. However, when you paint your garden arbor a bright color, it will only add to the effect you are looking for. The fact is you can do just about anything with it, including placing it an non-traditional spaces, as well.

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