The Garden Arbor Handbook

A collection of articles and information about garden arbors.

A Garden Arbor as an Investment in Your Property
Making improvements to your home and property allows you to get more enjoyment out of them.

Bending Wood To Create Rounded Arbors
Bent wood garden structures and furniture have long been favored by gardeners, naturalist and lovers of the rustic look.

Brighten Up Your Outdoors With A Colorful Garden Arbor
Using an arbor that is colorfully painted will help add personality to a drab or boring area in your yard.

Complete Your Garden Sanctuary with a Garden Arbor
You've spend time and money on creating an outdoor sanctuary for yourself, now add a touch of elegance with a garden arbor.

Customizing Your Garden Arbor
Garden arbors are meant to be pretty by themselves, but there are many different ways to customize yours.

Designing Your Garden Arbor
With so many styles of arbors available you can pretty much choose exactly what you want when purchasing your garden arbor.

Garden Arbor Finishes
When you build your garden arbor and choose wood for material, the most daunting task you might have is choosing a finish for it.

Placing a Garden Arbor for Maximum Impact
A garden arbor can be a conversation piece for your garden – a well placed entry to your entire yard or to a special hidden treasure.

Giving a Garden Arbor as a Wedding Gift
Are you looking for a gift that stands out from traditional wedding gifts such as wine goblets, silver dishes, and home appliances?

Grapes and Your Garden Arbor
Garden arbors make for a great place to grow your grapes or other vine fruits.

How To Build a Garden Arbor Out of Branches and Limbs
A natural bentwood arbor will look great in your backyard if you have a trees and a more rustic, country style landscaping.

How To Build Your Own Wood Garden Arbor
Building your own wood garden arbor can be done for a very reasonable price, especially if you are willing to shop around for the best prices on pressure treated lumber.

Improve Your Landscape With A Garden Arbor
If you are looking for a way to improve your landscaping, consider adding a garden arbor to your backyard garden.

Inexpensive Garden Arbors
If you have the tools and willingness to give a new project a try, then an inexpensive garden arbor could be in your future.

Make Extra Cash with Garden Arbors
With the popularity of garden arbors, a new market has sprung up around swap meets, lawn and garden centers and internet sales.

Materials For Your Garden Arbor
If you are interested in making your own garden arbor, there are several materials you will need to begin this project.

Non-Traditional Garden Arbor Shapes
Many people who add a garden arbor to their landscaping often put in the traditional arched garden arbor.

What Wood Is Best For A Garden Arbor?
This article will give you a little overview of what woods you can use to build your own beautiful garden arbors.

What You Need To Know About Buying Garden Arbors
Adding garden arbors to your back yard can bring just the right charm and beauty that it needs.

Your Garden Arbor Entry-Way
If you are trying to find a way to separate sections of your yard from one another, you may want to consider using a garden arbor to designate your entry-way.

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